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How Nigerian Businesspersons Thrive despite All That is Happening

28 Oct Picture of a running businessperson

Several years of grossly deluded leadership have seriously crippled the productivity of the vast natural resources and the capacity of our endowed human resources in Nigeria.

Interestingly, mouths are gabbing all over the world about the huge market potential in the country; investors are quickly shifting to Nigeria (and Africa as a whole); and the government is also busy wooing investors.

What is the handwriting on the wall?

Even though homegrown Nigerians are not empowered to exploit their God-endowed business potentials, they have learnt to get going when the road gets tougher.

Despite a lack of proper business framework or support, people are still running various multi-million naira businesses. Remarkably, Author Robert Neuwirth did not fail to capture this strength of human will among Nigerians when he visited Lagos. Continue reading


Facts Small Business Owners Should Know About Facebook Business Page

25 Aug A Blackberry Phone

As of today, the number of ‘active users of Facebook’ has climbed another height – over 750 million active users. That’s amazing!

Business owners everywhere on the planet are using Facebook to get new customers, build a large community of fans, and get detailed information about their visitors. Yet, there are some business owners who are not using this powerful tool, even though they have personal accounts on Facebook. They are probably afraid of mixing business with personal life.

To the best of my understanding, with a Facebook business page, you would be able to harness all the free resources of Facebook and more without necessarily relating it to your personal profile on Facebook.  Continue reading

4 Unique Ideas for Marketing a Small Business

18 Aug A Man in Glasses Staring...

No matter how big an industry is, there are always some small business owners who are making huge amount of revenue in spite of the larger competition facing them. This category of small business owners know something others do not know:

‘Small is beautiful to consumers’

If you are reading this article, then you are likely a business owner or you plan to venture out on your own as soon as you can; and most importantly, you plan to handle your business marketing by yourself.

In a bid to walk in the steps of an already successful business enterprise, many small business owners tend to brand their businesses to appear to be what they are not. This is a huge mistake and is one of the core reasons many small businesses fail at first.

Your byline as a small business owner should always be speed, specialization and service; and they shouldn’t just be byline; they should be your true values.

There are some key distinguishing qualities of your business that will help you market your business appropriately:

1. Flexible Method of Working in Small Businesses

In marketing a small business, you should emphasize the fact that you can develop a tailor-made product or provide a customized service for your clients. Continue reading

5 Significant Uses of a Business Blog in the Online Marketing Mix

18 Aug Picture of a Key and a Dollar Sign

If very large enterprises like Ford have incorporated blogging into their online marketing mix, why should a medium or small business owner think it is a waste of time or too much of a sacrifice!

Check out the most successful small business owners, most of them run effective blogs as part of their online marketing mix. Their blogs make them stand-out as a voice in their area of expertise.

There are at least 5 unique advantages of a business blog that will give you a distinct edge over competitors.

1. A Business Blog Is A Proof Of Your Credibility.

As powerful as a website is, remember a website is just like a modified business card – it is only larger and dynamic.

For many people, the first proof of the credibility of a website comes when the owner replies their email. With a business blog, Continue reading

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