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2 Powerful Secrets: Accelerate Your Effectiveness by Laying Hold of Secrets

3 Mar

The world we live in is ruled by secrets. There are business secrets, life secrets, money secrets, love secrets etc. Ignorance of these secrets can make you struggle ten times harder before you succeed than a person with the secrets.

Picture of a man facing an apple

People who have risen to stardom in this world have always exhibited some form of enigma. Obviously, they know something that others do not know.

Why should we believe that “nothing succeeds like success”?

… because the secret was discovered before the initial success.

These secrets transcend all the changes being faced daily.

These secrets are unique just like principles.

They are timeless.

Energy, they say, cannot be created or destroyed but can be converted from one form to another. Similarly, these secrets can be employed in almost every aspect of your life once you understand the basics.

The world is changing very rapidly and information is spreading extremely fast. Competition also is fiercer than ever. Great technologies are being developed every single day to combat the problems faced today but we have continued to face more complex problems.

Books have been written about secrets, principles, theories and laws but many lives still remain the same.


You don’t need any new secret. All you need is a new understanding of the ordinary things of life. That’s the only one secret you need to get everything you want.

Open your heart to these 2 ordinary secrets that can transform your ordinary life.

The # 1 Secret: 24 hours

All the way back to the time when ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ was written, time has been idolized as one of the two most important secrets to amass massive wealth. In the words of Arkad (the richest man), “all that you need to succeed are time and study.” As for time, we all have it in abundance.

You may be wondering that what’s secret in 24 hours?

As you know already, everybody, both rich and poor, has 24 hours to do his or her job. Get off the fear of not completing your job or getting behind in the competition because your competitors do not have more than 24 hours.

Surprisingly, they are probably busier than you and cannot spend as much time as you in perfecting their product or service.

Once you relieve yourself of the fear of being late by remembering that 24 hours is all they’ve got, you can move forward more confidently.

“Cherish your time; it is the stuff life is made of”


The # 2 Secret: You

You know yourself, right!

Then, why are you a secret?

Give me a second…

Research reveals that most people can do much more than they are doing presently.

Think about this!

There are a few things that may be holding you back … wrong choice of career, insufficient motivation or bad association. Another thing you need to consider very closely is your ability to grow your potentials by personal development.

Whatever you do or intend to do, know this! Your competitors study very hard but you can gain competitive advantage by studying more. The difference between the greater men and lesser men is always a little more persistence which results in a massive difference in output.

Take speed reading courses if you have to, learn how best you can learn and commit to learning that way.

“The greatest secret you can ever learn is to master yourself so that you can get the best from yourself”

These are open secrets that will transform your life if you have the right perspective.

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Last Week’s Gist (Review) – Crystal Web

28 Feb

Last week was a very interesting one.

A picture showing all images used last week on Crystal Web

An extremely fascinating gist is that of an Egyptian man in his twenties, Gamal Ibrahim, who named his baby girl ‘Facebook’ to honor the role played by Social Networks in their recent revolution.

It is funny how the Internet has changed the world. It is quite interesting that Egyptians credited Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for their successful revolution. Egyptian youths made use of the Social Media to organize the protest which began on January 25 and eventually resulted in the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak who has been in power for 30 years.

One of the very popular Egyptian newspapers wrote that he gave his daughter that name to “express his joy at the achievements made by the youths”.

Also, the discussion on the succession plan for Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc is getting exciting. BBC news featured how Apple’s shareholders voted at their annual meeting against a proposal to formally disclose a succession plan.

More so, there is so much anxiety about the gradual drift of young people away from blogging. PCWorld: Small Business Center posted an article titled Farewell, Blogs! Your Days Are Numbered while The New York Times featured an article titled Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter

I hope your week was eventful.

On Crystal Web, we had some really interesting articles:


How Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Built a Giant Company from Nothing

This article reveals how rapid Facebook has grown, and how much the company has achieved in its seven years of life plus how people have yakked about Mark Zuckerberg’s awkward social manners. It also features Zuckerberg’s background and the secret behind Facebook’s success.

Here’s an important quote from the article,

“Zuckerberg built his giant company by constantly recreating Facebook in line with occurring trends.”

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How Biz Stone Became a Mighty Force on the Internet and Co-founded Twitter

In this post, Biz Stone divulges some of the important secrets that led to the success of Twitter, Blogger, Xomba and Odeo where he has worked in the past.

You’ll find some of those amazing thoughts of Internet entrepreneurs like Biz Stone to help you lift your thinking.

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Blogging for Success Anywhere in the World: Suggestions from Millionaire Bloggers

This post features really powerful statements made by some A-list bloggers who make six-figure incomes regularly.

Chris Garrett, Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse made some extremely important suggestions that can help you become a millionaire blogger anywhere in the world.

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Maximizing Your Social Media Strategies: Advice from Thought Leaders in Internet Marketing

The recent anxiety about a likely demise of blogging in the face of rising social networking and other media has necessitated this article. Thought leaders in Internet Marketing have a cautionary advice. Here’s an excerpt,

“You should supplement your social media strategies with a strong content driven website to strengthen your relationship with customers while getting more customers at the same time”

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Business Tips: 5 Practical Steps to Achieving a More Productive Day

These are the days of extremely stiff competitions, unparalleled complexity and very rapid changes in the way business is done on the World Wide Web.

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