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How Nigerian Businesspersons Thrive despite All That is Happening

28 Oct Picture of a running businessperson

Several years of grossly deluded leadership have seriously crippled the productivity of the vast natural resources and the capacity of our endowed human resources in Nigeria.

Interestingly, mouths are gabbing all over the world about the huge market potential in the country; investors are quickly shifting to Nigeria (and Africa as a whole); and the government is also busy wooing investors.

What is the handwriting on the wall?

Even though homegrown Nigerians are not empowered to exploit their God-endowed business potentials, they have learnt to get going when the road gets tougher.

Despite a lack of proper business framework or support, people are still running various multi-million naira businesses. Remarkably, Author Robert Neuwirth did not fail to capture this strength of human will among Nigerians when he visited Lagos. Continue reading

What Business Owners Should Know About the Law of Attraction

18 Oct Law of Attraction in Business

Like Bob Proctor said in a video, The Secret, the Law of Attraction works whether you are aware of it or not. Just like the law of gravity, it rules your life even if you don’t know a law like that exists.

This is my story…

When I woke up this morning, I went over to my bookshelf to return some of the business books I just finished reading.

As I was rearranging my books, I came across my University yearbook, Vet. Class 2009. I picked it up to look at the beautiful faces of my former classmates, but I observed something quite magical as I read through our plans written in the yearbook.

Life is treating everyone of us just the way we asked… Continue reading

A Discovery of a Small Business Owner from a Marathon

9 Sep Picture of Marathoners

A marathon never meant anything to me until my friend returned from an over 40 kilometers race to tell his story, and how small business owners can learn from it.

His story reminded me of what Brian Tracy says,

“To be successful in life, it is good to engage in some form of athletic competition in order to develop a competitive mind.”

Let me tell you how the story impacts my life as a small business owner.

Being his first time in a marathon, my friend prepared extra-hard to win the N2 million (about $14, 000) prize for the winner.

He competed with over a thousand people running through hills and valleys, rough and smooth roads, straight and winding paths with one purpose – to win the prize. From the very start, he was determined to give it all it would take.

Unfortunately, he did not win the prize, but he returned with the following timeless tips for small business owners. Continue reading

Business Tips: 5 Practical Steps to Achieving a More Productive Day

25 Feb

Today, we are faced with more activities than we can attend to everyday, and attempting to do all of them can prevent us from having a more productive day.

Image of a person stepping past a group of people and a person  climbing ladderInformation age has brought us closer to so much information (with a huge amount of junks) that we are left to decide what matters and what does not matter to us. More than any other time in history, we need to pay more conscious attention to our daily effectiveness. To gain competitive advantage, we must develop daily habits to keep us focused in the midst of the day’s commotion.

Tip 1- Have a Sound Plan and fall for It to Have a More Productive Day

Instead of just following the plan other people or circumstances press on you, seize some time to develop a plan for yourself and your work. Consider your strengths and weaknesses plus your hobbies and desires to know what exactly would make you more productive. Most importantly, determine which direction you want your life to go and commit to it. Additionally, you must be in love with your expected results. Thinking about it alone should have a thrilling effect on you. Moreover, you should visualize and affirm your goal as often as you can in order to have a more productive day.

Tip 2 – Organize Your Priorities Weekly and Daily to Have a More Productive Day

A good number of people write ‘to-do-list’ before going out every day but do not write them based on correct priorities. It is very advisable that you first determine what you intend to achieve in a week. Decide what your priorities for the week are and write them down. Then, you can write out a schedule for each day of the week. Moreover, you need to be sure you understand your priorities. You should separate what is very important from what is urgent but unimportant. This is very effective, and it will help you avoid getting overwhelmed by the activities on your list.

Tip 3 – Focus on Results and Not Methods to Have a More Productive Day

It is important to focus on getting results by paying less attention to the difficulties on the way. Surprisingly, it is natural for many people to concentrate on techniques and methods, forgetting the end-goal. A potter or a builder would normally have a clear and detailed picture of exactly what is intended before starting any work. So also, you must be certain of what you want to accomplish and stay on it. An easy way to refocus your mind everyday is to spend about thirty minutes to one hour in the morning to meditate on your plan and how to get results.

Tip 4 – Do Something Every Day That Would Move You Closer to Your Goals to Have a More Productive Day

Many experts suggests that you ask yourself this question everyday “what have I done today to move me towards my most important goals?” and ensure you do something. It is shocking how time passes so fast and yet, we keep procrastinating important goals. The key here is to make sure a day does not end until you have done one thing to advance you towards your desires. If you think you would likely always forget to ask yourself that question, write it down somewhere, maybe, on your computer wall paper, the door to your room, beside your bed etc.

Tip 5 – Make Constant Personal Development an A+ Priority to Have a More Productive Day

Spend quality time to keep developing yourself in your field and intellectually. Get hold of new findings and subscribe to publications in your field. Never ever allow useful information to pass by. Besides, it is easier to succeed among other successful people and the way to stay among them is to know what they know or what they are willing to know. In addition, exercise regularly. 30 minutes of exercise everyday would not be too much for you. You cannot work for so much and build yourself so aggressively to end up having health crisis that can prevent you from enjoying the fruits of your toil.

Finally, in order to infuse productivity into your daily life, you need to value time, value yourself, and enjoy life. Do not get carried away by daily routines and purposeless chatting. Always get back to work as soon as you catch yourself wasting precious time. Also, stay off negative moods because your feelings are your own making.

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