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How Nigerian Businesspersons Thrive despite All That is Happening

28 Oct Picture of a running businessperson

Several years of grossly deluded leadership have seriously crippled the productivity of the vast natural resources and the capacity of our endowed human resources in Nigeria.

Interestingly, mouths are gabbing all over the world about the huge market potential in the country; investors are quickly shifting to Nigeria (and Africa as a whole); and the government is also busy wooing investors.

What is the handwriting on the wall?

Even though homegrown Nigerians are not empowered to exploit their God-endowed business potentials, they have learnt to get going when the road gets tougher.

Despite a lack of proper business framework or support, people are still running various multi-million naira businesses. Remarkably, Author Robert Neuwirth did not fail to capture this strength of human will among Nigerians when he visited Lagos. Continue reading

What Business Owners Should Know About the Law of Attraction

18 Oct Law of Attraction in Business

Like Bob Proctor said in a video, The Secret, the Law of Attraction works whether you are aware of it or not. Just like the law of gravity, it rules your life even if you don’t know a law like that exists.

This is my story…

When I woke up this morning, I went over to my bookshelf to return some of the business books I just finished reading.

As I was rearranging my books, I came across my University yearbook, Vet. Class 2009. I picked it up to look at the beautiful faces of my former classmates, but I observed something quite magical as I read through our plans written in the yearbook.

Life is treating everyone of us just the way we asked… Continue reading

What Founding CEO & Cofounder of Skype, Niklas Zennström, Says About Business

24 May Picture of Skype cofounder

Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis founded Skype in 2003.

The Background of Skype Cofounder, Niklas Zennström

Born on 16th February, 1966, Niklas Zennström (from Sweden) is well known for his phenomenal achievements on the Internet including Skype and KaZaA.

Possibly, his business acumen in the technology industry can be traced to his dual degrees: B. Sc Business Administration & M Sc Engineering Physics from Uppsala University, Sweden. He did his finals at Continue reading

How President & CEO, Richard Jalichandra Saved Technorati from Ultimate Demise 3 Years ago

7 Apr Technorati CEO & President, Richard Jalichandra

Richard Jalichandra assumed the office of the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Technorati in October 2007 at a time Technorati was reeling and almost fallen. He took over from the founding CEO, David Sifry who stepped down and left Technorati without having a CEO to succeed him.

Technorati actually started in 2002.

As blogs increased exponentially, Technorati came up as a search directory for blogs. Today, Technorati is the leading blog search engine, and it indexes more than a million blogs. It tracks authority, influence and comprehensiveness of posts in the blogosphere.

Technorati – The Past & the Present

When Richard Jalichandra came on board in 2007, Technorati was in serious trouble.

The founding CEO David Sifry left without a replacement; Continue reading

Meet GoDaddy CEO, Bob Parsons Who Said “I’ve earned everything I’ve ever received”

2 Apr I've earned everything I've ever received

How much have you learnt from the CEO of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons apart from his 16 rules of success in Business & Life in General? Learn more about the billionaire founder of The GoDaddy Group, Inc.

Bob Parsons is an American entrepreneur who currently owns three ICANN-accredited domain name registrars including GoDaddy.com. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950.

He is well-known for creating one of the largest domain name registrars on the Internet. Consequently, he has the most domain names under his management.

Aside being the founder and sole investor in GoDaddy Group, he also teaches people about Continue reading

Avoid Failure: Learn from Twitter Co-founder, Jack Dorsey Who Saw into Tomorrow

31 Mar Jack Dorsey of Twitter

Jack Dorsey saw the future of mobile communication about 5 years ago and created Twitter. Continue reading

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