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How Nigerian Businesspersons Thrive despite All That is Happening

28 Oct Picture of a running businessperson

Several years of grossly deluded leadership have seriously crippled the productivity of the vast natural resources and the capacity of our endowed human resources in Nigeria.

Interestingly, mouths are gabbing all over the world about the huge market potential in the country; investors are quickly shifting to Nigeria (and Africa as a whole); and the government is also busy wooing investors.

What is the handwriting on the wall?

Even though homegrown Nigerians are not empowered to exploit their God-endowed business potentials, they have learnt to get going when the road gets tougher.

Despite a lack of proper business framework or support, people are still running various multi-million naira businesses. Remarkably, Author Robert Neuwirth did not fail to capture this strength of human will among Nigerians when he visited Lagos. Continue reading


When Time is All a Business Owner Has [POEM]

23 Sep Picture of a clock and a business man

Time is never in too much of a hurry

Time is never too sluggish

Yet, the clock ticks and ticks

’till one day

You look back at time…

Time has moved at Jet Speed Continue reading

Last Week’s Gist (Review) – Crystal Web

7 Mar

Last week was extremely eventful. We heard fascinating stories that made our hearts race faster than usual.

Pictures of images in the past week on Crystal Web

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

In the Wicked Wild World, the report of the clash of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and rebel forces continues. There were stories of bomb blasts, headless bodies and lots of lifeless bodies lying around.


On the World Wide Web, there were stories of likely poaching of high profile IT gurus as the struggle for ‘web power’ continues.

ZDNet has identified Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google and Amazon to be the likely victims of this poaching. Unfortunately, it is said that they have spent huge funds on recruitment and training.


On the World Wide Web, the search engine competition is growing fiercer. Bing and Yahoo have really gained pace on Google this year.

Bing has continued to improve on their services. The latest service brought by ‘bing’ is the ‘autosuggest flight prices’.

Also, PC World reported that in a bid to improve its travel search, Microsoft has formally taken as its travel search partner in an article, Will Microsoft Beat Google in the Travel Search Wars?

I hope your week was really cool. Let’s check out what was happening here at Crystal Web.


Last Week’s Gist (Review) – Crystal Web

This was a review of the previous week. It featured interesting gist like the Egyptian baby girl named ‘Facebook’; the succession plan for Apple CEO, Steve Jobs; and the dearth of bloggers.

Read more here.


Social Networking Vs Blogging & Email Vs SMS – Struggle For Existence

Here, we discussed the struggle for survival of email services and blogging as against SMS and social networking respectively. Remember, we used the theory of ‘succession’ to explain the evolution of the web space just like an ecosystem.

Read more here


3 Priceless Internet Business Secrets You Should Learn from Jimmy Wales, Co-founder of Wikipedia

On Wednesday, we talked about the Internet Giant, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, who has co-founded many more noble and successful Internet portals. We tried to look through his giant lens to discover more of his big thoughts.

Read more here


2 Powerful Secrets: Accelerate Your Effectiveness by Laying Hold of Secrets

You are aware that this world is ruled by secrets and principles. This article attempts to explain two of the most powerful forces affecting our personal effectiveness. It was made clear that these secrets are actually open secrets that require a new understanding.


Igniting a revolution in Online Search: Niche Search Engines Emerge

While giant search engines are competing fiercely, some niche search engines are beginning to emerge.

  • I’mHalal – Search Engine for the Muslim Community
  • SeekFind- Search Engine for the Christian Community
  • Jewogle, which is for the Jewish Community

This post attempts to give you a basic general knowledge and understanding of these niche search engines.

Read more here

Last Week’s Gist (Review) – Crystal Web

28 Feb

Last week was a very interesting one.

A picture showing all images used last week on Crystal Web

An extremely fascinating gist is that of an Egyptian man in his twenties, Gamal Ibrahim, who named his baby girl ‘Facebook’ to honor the role played by Social Networks in their recent revolution.

It is funny how the Internet has changed the world. It is quite interesting that Egyptians credited Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for their successful revolution. Egyptian youths made use of the Social Media to organize the protest which began on January 25 and eventually resulted in the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak who has been in power for 30 years.

One of the very popular Egyptian newspapers wrote that he gave his daughter that name to “express his joy at the achievements made by the youths”.

Also, the discussion on the succession plan for Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc is getting exciting. BBC news featured how Apple’s shareholders voted at their annual meeting against a proposal to formally disclose a succession plan.

More so, there is so much anxiety about the gradual drift of young people away from blogging. PCWorld: Small Business Center posted an article titled Farewell, Blogs! Your Days Are Numbered while The New York Times featured an article titled Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter

I hope your week was eventful.

On Crystal Web, we had some really interesting articles:


How Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Built a Giant Company from Nothing

This article reveals how rapid Facebook has grown, and how much the company has achieved in its seven years of life plus how people have yakked about Mark Zuckerberg’s awkward social manners. It also features Zuckerberg’s background and the secret behind Facebook’s success.

Here’s an important quote from the article,

“Zuckerberg built his giant company by constantly recreating Facebook in line with occurring trends.”

Read More Here


How Biz Stone Became a Mighty Force on the Internet and Co-founded Twitter

In this post, Biz Stone divulges some of the important secrets that led to the success of Twitter, Blogger, Xomba and Odeo where he has worked in the past.

You’ll find some of those amazing thoughts of Internet entrepreneurs like Biz Stone to help you lift your thinking.

Read More Here


Blogging for Success Anywhere in the World: Suggestions from Millionaire Bloggers

This post features really powerful statements made by some A-list bloggers who make six-figure incomes regularly.

Chris Garrett, Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse made some extremely important suggestions that can help you become a millionaire blogger anywhere in the world.

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Maximizing Your Social Media Strategies: Advice from Thought Leaders in Internet Marketing

The recent anxiety about a likely demise of blogging in the face of rising social networking and other media has necessitated this article. Thought leaders in Internet Marketing have a cautionary advice. Here’s an excerpt,

“You should supplement your social media strategies with a strong content driven website to strengthen your relationship with customers while getting more customers at the same time”

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Business Tips: 5 Practical Steps to Achieving a More Productive Day

These are the days of extremely stiff competitions, unparalleled complexity and very rapid changes in the way business is done on the World Wide Web.

These business tips are aimed to help you make every day more productive. It features sound advice on how to plan better and control your day in order to compete successfully in spite of very little time.

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The 3 Critical Ingredients of Good Web Content

18 Feb

"Glass of Cold, Refreshing Water"Internet has risen to become a major gateway to a lot of information. Consequently, the quality of written information or web content has suddenly become a major driving force in internet marketing. Good web content must possess certain critical attributes that are beneficial to the reader and the giver of web contents.

Good Web Content Must Be Engaging – Recent research reveals that majority of internet users prefer to read articles that appear very engaging. A blog post that has lots of comments normally gains more attention than one with fewer comments.  Also, information presented in a format that engages the mind of a reader will generate more interest than a bland content.

In addition, writing with passive voice limits the chances of sustaining the interest of a web surfer. This occurs for two reasons: Passive voice makes you appear amateur. Unfortunately, web surfers prefer to read from experts to reduce waste of time. Secondly, it gives your visitors the freedom to click away. Thus, it is a good rule of the thumb to always write using active language.

Another strategy to keep your content engaging is to use the top-down (pyramid) approach in your write up. Mention the crux of the content in the first paragraph and expatiate with the rest of the write-up.

Good Web Content Has to Be Refreshing – It is now established that most webs surfers want to be inspired, informed or entertained. Therefore, good web content must fulfill one or more of these needs of a surfer. Most importantly, it must provide information relevant to the surfer’s interest.

Basically, good web content should contain minimal errors (which can easily smother the interest of a surfer). First of all, articles should be properly introduced and concluded. Then, the whole article itself should sound logical. The presented points have to be coherent and reasonable with little or no grammatical errors.

Importantly, editing and proofreading are standard ways to polish a complete article. These last two stages of writing are often neglected by many writers in a hurry to publish their content. The best writers know that proper editing and proofreading will turn an average article into an extraordinary write-up. Good writers usually edit and proofread in order to completely eliminate errors and improve their message.

Good Web Content Need to Be Optimized – Optimizing web contents serves two purposes: It brings the reader to the article and keeps the content interesting enough to sustain his or her interest. Web contents should be optimized for both search engines and visitors. Optimizing web content for search engines involves keywords optimization and interlinking web contents.

However, web contents can also be optimized for visitors. This involves the use of attractive heading, proper subheadings and lists to enable easy readability. Most surfers find it easy to read through contents that have smaller chunks of information. These kinds of contents take less time to read and usually encourage surfers to take a quick capture of the information on your site (though they often end up reading much more than they plan to read).

To recap, good web content must satisfy both human needs for inspiration, education and entertainment plus search engines requirements to help surfers easily locate relevant information. It should engage the attention of surfers, refresh readers and be well optimized.

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A Giant Mistake That Slowed Down My Online Career and What You Can Learn

16 Oct
Online Business Path

Life in the School of Hard Knocks

The cyber world is vast, online businesses can turn rags to riches overnight, young people easily become successful online, … are the words that caught my attention when I began my online career. For six years, I tried hard to become Online Affiliate Marketer- make huge money one day and become a celebrity the next day. I just wanted to BE A MILLIONAIRE so badly.  Unfortunately, the way online marketers promote the ‘Get Rich Quick’ idea did not help matters at all. For me, I was doing everything the wrong way.

How I Made Unproductive Efforts

First, I got into autosurfing (a real scam). I paid a couple of bucks and had to view roughly 15 adverts everyday to earn about 15% of what I paid but lost all the money overnight. Later, I started blogging but didn’t learn anything on how to blog successfully. I posted 10 articles one day and waited till the following month before posting something new. I tried to get my friends (on Facebook) to visit my blog, but they never really visited. Even when they visited my blog, none of them returned.  This continued for about six months without substantial visitors to the blog.  In short I made many unproductive efforts.

What I Learnt about Productive Efforts: The Law of Growth

Any business at all should follow the rules of nature: the time of sowing, nurturing, growth, maturity, bearing fruits, and new growth.

Eventually, I became a Professional Web Content Provider. How? I followed the laws of nature and it works for every venture.

Sowing of Seeds: Plant your Idea(s)

Seeds must be sown to reap a harvest sooner or later.

After conceiving the ide

a of writing, I decided to find a good platform where I could write and develop my skills within a short time. I chose a forum ( and began active writing. Though I had to sell my articles cheap, I had the wonderful opportunity of developing myself. Also, I could always contact my buyers to suggest how to serve them better – I sowed my seeds.

Nurturing of Business

Planted seeds need constant watering and monitoring till they grow up.

As you already know, I didn’t start writing for quick money. So, I treated all my customers with respect and created a personal relationship with them. I got interested in their businesses and how I could help. Also, I began to spend quality time to develop my abilities and knowledge. Additionally, I had to get rid of weeds (competitors for my money) by providing a better service. I secured my space- made sure my customers trusted my service.

Growth to Maturity: Build your Business

Every plant eventually becomes mature and stops growing. Sometimes, the law of diminishing returns may set in.

This is the stage I am presently.

Sorry folks, I can’t tell you the plans I have, but you can always guess: I plan to get more organized and better paid. How? I’ll tell you when I start.

Bearing of Fruits or Seeds: Diversify

As soon as my business grows to maturity, I have to diversify. This could mean expanding

by getting a team of writers or venturing into new grounds.

Starting all Over

Finally, I can apply the same law that helped me grow in the first business to a new business.

What You Should Learn

The cyber world is vast: That means, you can be easily missed among the millions of people online.

Online businesses can turn rags to riches overnight, but they can also turn riches to rag in a day.

Young people easily become successful online, but they are often easily carried away in unproductive ventures; always wanting easier work and more money. Until, you are willing to do the required work, you may not be able to succeed. Ask one of the top bloggers, Brian Clark, and he’ll tell you the meaning of harwork.

You know what’s a lot of work? Running a bricks and mortar business. 12 hour days, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Maybe after a couple of successful years you’ll let yourself take a weekend off.”

The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging

Final thoughts

You can save yourself a lot of headache if you:

  • Get a mentor
  • Get a model
  • Have a focus
  • Have a target
  • Be yourself

Lastly, learn to improvise, adapt, improve, diversify, and start all over until you become what you initially wanted to be.

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