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For many years, I have stayed glued to the Internet, trying to understand the secrets behind the rise of great websites – How Facebook rose from the grassroots to become the number 1 social network today; How the Google guys succeeded in dominating over 70% of Internet search; Why Jezz Bezos left his paying job to start Amazon; And the principles Steve Jobs followed to resuscitate Apple and left gloriously.

My passion has always been the web, its successes and failures, and the underlying secrets.

Life Experiences

I am a graduate of the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I live in the ‘heart of Africa’, Nigeria.

Since childhood, I have always wondered why some people are more successful than others. For a very long time, I have consistently read the stories of business leaders and CEOs. I also read books by inspirational speakers.

Now, I passionately read books, listen to audios and watch videos about how others have achieved what they wanted in life – their environments, childhood experiences, personalities and unexpected circumstances that turned their lives around; and I try to pour them out through my blog so that I can read and digest more stories.
So, I am a content developer, digital media enthusiast and businessman.

How I Became a Content Developer

I started woculus.com to pass across the things I learned everyday from the stories of giant Internet companies. Later, I decided to help fledgling blogs and websites grow faster by writing first-class contents for their audience.

What I Write

I write blog posts, news and white papers on business, technology and social media. I can thoroughly research a topic and come up with impeccable articles.

My blog is regularly syndicated on Business2Community.com, and I contribute to Upper Macungie Patch (owned by AOL).
Here’s a link to all my articles on Business2Community.com. Some of the articles you will find are,
1.    Email Marketing in 2012: 5 Striking Predictions,
2.    What Business Owners Should Know About the Law of Attraction, and
3.    Top 7 Tips to Get More Readers to Your Blog

This is a link to my articles on Upper Macungie Patch including,
1.    7 Things That Discourage Twitter Followers
2.    7 Critical Points for Writing to a Mailing List

Also, I have a lot of articles on WorldBestWeb.com and other blogs. Most of them are centered on gadgets, social media, technology and software.

A Little More About Me

My hobbies include reading, writing, playing chess, meeting people, visiting new places and swimming. Contact me using the form below or send an email to ayo[at]woculus.com.

Thank you,
Ayo Oyedotun

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