When Time is All a Business Owner Has [POEM]

23 Sep

Time is never in too much of a hurry

Time is never too sluggish

Yet, the clock ticks and ticks

’till one day

You look back at time…

Time has moved at Jet SpeedPicture of a clock and a business man


Never put off till tomorrow what today can

Do not forget to enjoy life

Bear in mind

True joy flows from family and friends

And love is what they want


Life is time, and time is life

Time is what you exchange for love

Time is what you exchange for relevance

Remember this

Life, which is time, is your gift from God

Time is the only thing we all have in the same measure



Steve Jobs, Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Jack Ma, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg all have the same 24 hours that you have, but they probably use their 24 hours differently.

Use your time wisely.

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